Our Work

Thousands of adolescents in Peru truncate their futures, by their own decisions or by the context in which they live: early pregnancies and violence; thus limiting their possibilities of access to education and later in their work and life.WE WORK TO EMPOWER VULNERABLE ADOLESCENTS IN AYACUCHO, PERU, TO BECOME AGENTS OF CHANGE IN THEIR OWN DEVELOPMENT.

We believe that everyone in the world has the right and the same opportunities for development.


We promote the integral development of adolescents, so that through their own abilities and the exercise of their rights, they can improve their living conditions.


Eradicate all types of violence and teenage pregnancy.

Learn about our work in 2021

We invite you to review the work we did in 2021. Our work is transparent and you will be able to find out what we have achieved through our activities with teenage mothers, teenage victims of sexual and/or family violence and students.

Our team

The human team of the DIA social organization is made up of professionals from different specialties; nurses, social workers, obstetricians and psychologists.